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CinnaBeau Facial Mask


This is our organic Cinnamon facial Mask! This mask is great way to get rid of acne marks & blemishes! It prevents future breakouts while moisturizing, hydrating, protecting, tightening & toning the face. It will leave your skin feeling supple & soft & over time you will see a beautiful Glow and youthfulness back in your face!

REMEMBER: A little goes a VERY long way. You do not need much. Applying oil or milk (any milk will do for purposes of keepig the tingling sensation down but we suggest almond or coconut milk for its anti-aging/antibacterial properties & because we are a cruelty-free vegan company) before use aides in the results & lessens burn from our potent cinnamon.

IMPORTANT FAQ!!! This product may give a tingling/burning sensation. That is to be expected. After 5min-10 (time given is an estimation and usually doesnt take this long but for the rare few in which it may take longer we put this) mins this will subside. It is caused because of the potency of the cinnamon in the product.

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