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In a humbled home there lived a girl. A girl who couldnt walk down the street without stops & stares. They all pondered about her as she walked around with no care in the world. Every obstacle was a way to discover new things about herself & life so she embraced them, usually finding solutions admist the earths plenty pleasurable paradises. She was intrigued by nature & its many wonders. She loved finding new ways to allow its beauty to transform her own. Anything she wanted to add, cure, grow or fix, or treat on herself, she turned to mother nature for guidance. She grew up around her Jamaican/Spaniard grandmother  & admired her youthful look after so many years of living so naturally she followed her path & lived a holistic life. She was the sexy, playful, passionate vegan that looked glamorous without effort & though she always appreciated brains over beauty, she wanted to make a way for people to love their natural faces & body. It started with an eyebrow elixir called BrowBeau to grow thick, youthful, natural eyebrows, & quickly transformed into FouBeauBelle, a skin care line that allowed people to let their truest self shine through & bare all! BrowBeau began in 2013, NYC. It was created out of neccesity.She saw girls tattooing their eyebrows, applying heavy amounts of chemical ridden make-up, tinting their brows, over plucking & hurting their hair follicles & thought to herself that there had to be a way to get the brows we wanted without hassle chemicals & cheap. She curated one. The popularity grew & the questions of maintain skin, growing nails, growing lashes, & the hair process came rolling in. She realized that people had a void. They became product junkies because they were trying to fill that void, or hide that one existed. The idea to build confidence through the products popped up and the phrase Fou Beau Belle stuck. It means crazy Beautiful, Beautiful.  There was no product on the market that filled brows, grew lashes & softened skinned naturally. Most products used synthetics, chemicals or were genetically modified ingredients so they werent safe or healthy. Other products were too expensive to waste money on "beauty" when there were other things happening in the world. Additionally, based off the size of the bottle, most companies barely made a product worth paying for! There just wasnt enough "Bang for the Buck". BrowBeau was created by a working actress & professional choreographer/dancer who goes by the name Ladii Andii. She knew all too well the importance of appearance but didnt want to sacrifice her beliefs to accomplish her beauty goals. She combined oils of different health properties, manipulated the environment of them &figured out the right amount of each to gain maximum results. Impressed with the results, she shared it with everyone &In 2014, BrowBeau was born!


We want women to know that though makeup is fun it does not have to be relied on. We want men to start taking better care of themselves! We want everyone taking steps to enhance their natural look so that they can use makeup to be creative & fun instead of as a crutch. We are a team dedicated to building self-respect, love and self-esteem through the empowerment of natural beauty. We believe that the love of oneself starts from within & that a person who appreciates their natural beauty can shine & teach others how to do it as well. We hope to be apart of the  journey of self acceptance through our products. Our products are built to assist in the journey of changing what can be changed, the healthy & safe way; and accepting what cannot be changed by changing our attitude towards it. With our unique products like the eyebrow and eye lash growth serum we think that eventually women won't be afraid to bare their true self.

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