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FouBeauBelle sells unisex skin care products that feed the body and spirit. Fou Beau Belle is not just our phrase but it's our purpose. It means "Crazy Beautiful, Beautiful". We aim to enhance natural beauty with the use of our all natural products while promoting & encouraging self-love. We believe the process and time to pamper yourself is also the way to connect with yourself & explore yourself. We want to help the true you to shine through & with our homemade, organic products we make that process simple, but sexy. We believe that confidence completes a look and we know that self- esteem is connected to the way a person feels andhow they view themselves, so, our mission is to give you something to be confident in everyday before you step out so that you can have something to smile about. You'll have the fun of playing dress up but also the luxury of being able to bare all, naturally whenever you want.


BrowBeau is how we started and its our most popular product! Its a natural oil based eyebrow growth serum! Eyes are the window to the soul & brows are the display that lures people in!